Where Does it Go?

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Where Does it Go?

You’re in the middle of tidying up when you notice the shirt. You know the one, long forgotten in the back of your drawer. It’s still in pretty good shape and there’s nothing wrong with it, but for some reason you never wear it anymore. It doesn’t quite fit quite right and you don’t really need it. You know that someone else could probably use it, so you put in a “to donate” pile.

Once you’ve finished gathering the rest of the items you want to donate, you look up the nearest MCC Thrift Shop and see that they’re open. You grab your box and head over.

While on the way over, you can’t help but wonder what will happen to your shirt once you drop it off.


Step One: Donation

You arrive at the MCC Thrift Shop and head over to the receiving door. A volunteer greets you and takes the box from your hands. You head home with a smile, knowing that you have a much tidier drawer at home now.


Step Two: Sorting and Pricing

Meanwhile, at the MCC Thrift Shop, your shirt continues its journey. In the donation sorting area, a volunteer gently picks it up and examines it. There’s no holes or stains, so it passes inspection. If it wasn’t in good condition, it’s usually recycled or possibly sent to an MCC clearance centre. The volunteer puts a price tag on the shirt and hangs it up on a rack that’s headed out into the store.


Step Three: Sale

Your shirt joins the thousands of other items for sale at the MCC Thrift Shop. A curious shopper eyes the shirt and pulls it off the rack. They already have a basket with several items, but the price is so affordable that it hardly matters. So, the shopper tries it on. It’s a perfect fit! They bring the shirt to the volunteer at the cash register to check out. The shopper pays and brings home their new purchases.


Step 4: Proceeds

The journey doesn’t stop at the sale. The money that the shopper paid for the shirt continues to have an impact because the proceeds are donated to Mennonite Central Committee. From there, the money is used to support local and international programs that help people in need.


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