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What is a Relief Kit?

A relief kit looks just like an ordinary bucket. But it’s so much more than that. Each bucket is filled with enough hygiene supplies for a family of four. The kits are given to families living through war or disasters.

Each item included in a relief kit is carefully evaluated by local partners to ensure that people receive the most beneficial items possible. Even the bucket itself can be used to wash clothing or keep the items in a safe, dry place.

Sturdy and high-quality items make a difference for people like Sosamma* in Syria. Because her home was hit by a missile, the 91-year-old woman now lives alone. She struggles to meet her daily needs.

MCC Relief kits

A worker for Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), an MCC partner, delivers a relief kit to Sosamma. *Names are changed or not used for security purposes. (Photo courtesy of MECC)

“At my old home, my brother used to visit me with his family from time to time, as well as my friends. But now… it’s very difficult to live or even to try to go out to buy food or any other things,” she says.

Sosamma received a relief kit from an MCC distribution in Syria, providing her with basic hygiene necessities. As the fighting continues, she’s grateful that she is not forgotten in the crisis.

“I depend on my neighbours and good people like you to get my essential and necessary needs; you are my only hope in these difficult days,” Sosamma says.

Buckets of Thanks

Buckets of Thanks is a campaign that gives people the opportunity to show their gratitude by packing relief kits this Thanksgiving season. Participants are encouraged to collect the items and pack their buckets of thanks with their family, church or community group. MCC offices will receive the buckets from October 7-14, 2019, where they’ll be sent to families in need all across the globe. To pack a relief kit, read the instructions here. You can bring your completed bucket to any one of our drop-off locations.

Header Photo: Items included in an MCC relief kit. (MCC photo/Renata Buhler)

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